GunnarMade Terms & Conditions

Effective date: March 20 2021



Gunnarmade Re-Made and Gunnarmade PlantMade programs DO NOT constitute cedical advice or other professional healthcare advice. Although Gunnarmade, LLC provides its products and services with your health and wellness in mind, each client has their own limitations and it is therefore critical that you consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider for necessary medical or appropriate care, follow all safety and other protocols provided by Gunnarmade, and obtain appropriate medical clearance from your physician especially if you are prone to injuries, are pregnant or nursing, or have any other unique or special medical conditions. 

Gunnarmade, LLC may provide nutritional, food, caloric and other related information designed to help our clients eat healthy and to help them reach their health and wellness goals. While any nutritional information Gunnarmade, LLC may provide is designed to safely align with our related exercise programs, you must consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider before beginning any nutrition plan or altering any dietary regimen, especially if you have any unique or special medical needs or conditions, such as food allergies, dietary restrictions or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Your use of these programs is at your own risk. You expressly acknowledge and agree that your access, use and/or involvement with any Gunnarmade, LLC services may involve potentially dangerous and physical activities that may lead to personal and/or bodily injury, death, temporary or permanent disability, loss of services, loss of consortium, or damage to or loss of property or privacy. You hereby acknowledge and willingly accept these risks and agree to unconditionally release and hold Gunnarmade, LLC harmless from and against all claims, suits, damages, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses or liability arising out of or related to your access, use and/or involvement with any Gunnarmade, LLC services.



I hereby consent and authorize Gunnarmade, LLC to use my progress photos or any other photos provided to Gunnarmade, LLC or related to Gunnarmade Re-Made and/or PlantMade nutrition challenge. I understand these images can be used in publications, websites, advertisements, coaching/educational purposes, including electronic publications, audiovisual presentations, promotional literature, social media and/or other similar ways. I understand that I may not be consulted prior to the use of my photo or likeness and that my name may or may not be included.

My consent is freely given without expecting any compensation related to the use of these photos. Furthermore, I understand that some images ore recordings may be kept permanently once they are published and can be kept as record of Gunnarmade, LLC business and coaching history.

I understand that the images can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United States.

I understand that I can revoke this release and permission at any time in writing. I understand that even if I revoke my permission that previous photos may still be available online or in print material but that any new use of my photos will immediately cease.