Is the portal an app?

The portal can be accessed online via your desktop OR through our mobile app %%%%

Do I need equipment for the reMade program?

We have the option for an 'at-home program' that requires dumbbells, bands, sliders and a jump rope. We also have a 'gym program' which requires full access to a gym.

What do I do once I finish the program?

With this program, the goal is to make this a permanent lifestyle transformation.  We will have advanced programs released at the beginning of Fall as a continuation option.  BUT, you will have access to this portal FOREVER! So feel free to continue using the reMade workouts or plant based program.

How do I prepare for the PlantBased program?

If you are NOT currently plant based, we recommend taking 2 weeks to clear out your cabinets and to detox. Jumping right into a plant based diet can cause fatigue, headaches and nausea if your body isn't primed the right way.  We have included an optional detox program to help support your plant based transformation!

Will my transformation photos be shared publicly?

Only if you allow us! There will be an option in your initial questionnaire asking your permission to share your photos on social media. They are required for the program as they are vital for you to monitor your progress, but we will not post anything if you opt out of this option. 

Is the program self-paced?

At this time, there is no scheduled start date. We do have a set number of workouts that you need to complete each week, but you can choose which days you prefer to workout as we understand everyone has different schedules.

What accountability tools are included?

Accountability is key to transformations. The online portal includes transformation photos, BMR/TDEE and Macro calculators, goal setting, nutrition journals, live support, playlists and more!